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We just need to collect some basic anatomy information, this allows us to start to determine your performance category.

  • Performance relates to the flexibility of the boot.
  • Too stiff can force you into the backseat and your toes into the front.
  • Too soft and it will be difficult to drive the ski effectively.

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More Info

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Relevant Medical Info.
Sometimes we have to make special considerations as they relate to circulatory, skeletal and or soft tissue management.

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Walk Mode
Many of today's boots have the capacity to tour, or walk uphill. Walk modes and pin inserts are available on a lot of boots. Sometimes however, fit and or performance is/are compromised by features.

Is/are walk mechanism and pin inserts something that are imperative for you?

Priorities and Expectations

  • Please be honest & ask should you have any questions, this is REALLY important.
  • Level of sensitivity differs from skier to skier.
  • High Performance means being tight in the boot and can compromise Comfort & Warmth.
  • Comfort & Warmth generally suggest a more generous fit.

Please Rank in Priority
from MOST important (1st) to LEAST important (4th)
No two categories can hold the same priority.


I want my boots to ski well, but I'm not charging 30ft cliffs. Perhaps my skiing is more leisurely versus incredibly athletic.


Cold feet on mild days? Cold can sometimes end your day prematurely, or even shut things down before they begin.


Sometimes goes hand-in-hand with comfort & warmth. A less precise fit than 'High Performance' but still allows for an incredibly high level of control for less aggressive skiing.

High Performance / Race

I ski aggressively and drive my skis athletically. I understand that 'tight' is relative and that performance fit is tight in the toes if I get into the back seat. I know that a smaller shell means better levels of feel & control and that getting into a smaller shell means an injected liner versus a stock, or 'average' liner.

Note No two categories can hold the same priority.


You selected High Performance / Race Fit as your 1st or 2nd Priority

A high performance / race fit is essentially a race type fit. It is generally a fit that is accepting of a degree of discomfort and that discomfort is subjective to an individual. A high performance fit does not make a high performance skier, it only compliments the needs of a high performance skier, and should be reserved for those only of the highest levels of fitness. High performance fit boots may not be comfortable for the first few runs of the day, and conversely, might not be all day boots. Although we are happy to work with a high performance fit, we do not offer exchanges, refunds or returns on this type of fit.

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